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zipHello and welcome to Wiki-sites the Zip crew will put Wiki stars off wetpaint on to this site. We are all so puting music, games, videos on to this site for your joy. We are going to put game code's for your website's as well.
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Education: Classroom calendar and computer: (c) Martin Poole/Getty Images
Calendars for 2008
Download a variety of calendar templates for the new year.
Transportation/travel: Professional racing a car: (c) Flying Colours Ltd/Getty Images
Try the 2007 Office products online
Take a test drive of the latest version of Microsoft Office.
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Master shapes in Visio 2007
Learn the basics of working with shapes in your diagrams

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amazing anthropomorphic beings, fictional fighters, or daring adventurers; type out your list of this year’s biggest heroes.

The worst fashion trend of 2007 was...

Which celebrity had a show-stopping year in fashion and which celebrity tragically missed the mark? Play fashion police and dictate the trends, hairstyles, accessories, celebrities, and fashion items make your hit list for the year. Don’t forget to take the poll and point out the 2007 trend you despised most!

Most Overexposed Celebrities of 2007

Chalk it up to a hazard of the profession, but some of these celebrities have had one (or three) too many moments in the sun and we’re tired of hearing about them! Peruse our list of the most overexposed celebrities from 2007. Do you agree or disagree? Vote or add some names to the list.

Biggest Scandals of 2007
Here are two lists of scandals that madeour eyes pop and noggins shake in disbelief. Vote on the sensational celebrity and political scandals that rocked the nation and find out what other people are gasping over!

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Top Video Games of 2007

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Top Video Games o’ Year

Top Video Games of the Year
Here is our list of mind-melding games that blistered our thumbs and melted our retinas. Got your trigger finger ready? Choose wisely, then create your own list of games you're shamelessly addicted to. "My name is ________, and I am a game-o-holic..."

Souvenir YOUR year!Souvenir the Year
Rewind 2007 with our list-a-palooza of hilarious, embarassing, and glorious reminders of the year that was. Help Wetpaint catalogue the shiniest tokens from 2007 by taking a wiki-journey through the darkest days and biggest triumphs of the year in politics, entertainment, and more! Once you've started sharing your lists, we guarantee hilarity will ensue.
The Holidays According to YOU!
The Holidays According to MEIt's that time of year when we focus on the spirit of the season, reexamine the year that was, and resolve to be better versions of ourselves in the year to come. Take a moment to create your holiday profile to share with family and friends — load it up with your favorite holiday traditions, recipes, wish lists, and resolutions for 2008!

Support the Troops
Support our troops the wiki way!Send a message of hope and thanks to U.S. military personnel stationed overseas this holiday season. It's easy to share your appreciation and best wishes the wiki way! Add your message now!

Don't Be a Scrooge!
Don't be a scrooge! Check the Holiday Charitable Giving Ideas page!Consider those less fortunate than you and get a tax write-off. Last-gasp yearend goodwill is the American way! If you need or have an idea for a worthy charity, dip into the Holiday Charitable Giving Ideas page.
Happy holidays from Wetpaint!
Dearest Wetpainters,

First things first: hip-hip-hooray for winter holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Hanukkah! This year, you’ve created some devastatingly fabulous wikis: from blinged-out beauts to uber-informative sites to those that fall into the worldwide wiki weird, we’ve been amazed and delighted by all of the awesome wiki-ing you've been doing! Hip-hip-hooray for Wetpainters!

Thank you for choosing Wetpaint and long live the wiki!

Happy Holidays from the Wetpaint Crew
Make Your Own Holiday Wiki
Are you one of those people who scrambles at the end of the year to send out holiday greeting cards in time? Well, put those stamps away and get in touch the wiki way! A free Wetpaint wiki is a fantastic way to stay in contact with friends and family — during the holidays and all throughout the year.

TIP: When you start your free Wetpaint site, make sure to apply the super-snappy preformatted "Holiday Card" site template.


"You Got Rick Roll'd"

We watched these videos millions of times, guffawed uncontrollably each viewing, then eagerly sent them around to our friends, lovers, coworkers, and family members. Let us know which viral video you couldn’t get enough of – even if it popped up in your inbox countless times.


"Chocolate Rain"

"Leave Britney Alone -- Unedited Version!!"

"Flea Market Montgomery - Mini Mall Rap"

"Evil Hamster"

"Miss Teen USA 2007 - Ms. South Carolina answers a question"

"Philippine Prison 'Thriller' Remake"

Signs of Impending Apocalypse in 2007

Do you believe Nostradamus?You’ve seen the signs that culminate into one solution: the end of the world! Dun-dun-dun! Was Nostradamus right? Could the Maya calendar be accurate?Is our world teetering on the edge of Apocalypse? What are the burgeoning signs from 2007 that point to our imminent disaster?

Trainwrecks and Scumbags of 2007

Who was the biggest scumbag? The biggest trainwreck?

We know there are a couple celebrity names (*cough* Britney *cough*) that sky-rocketed to the top of this list, but we want to hear your entire dirty run-down on the biggest scumbags and trainswrecks from ’07.

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